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Saline Local Historic Districts

Saline's local historic districts were established between 2002 and 2007. The districts represent significant early patterns of growth in Saline.  Many of the residences within the districts are associated with significant persons in Saline's history, including state and local politicians, prominent merchants, and Saline's founder, Orange Risdon.

For further information, please click on the "Saline History" link on the Saline District Library's Research & Learn page for databases of historical newspapers and photos.

Saline local Historic Districts map

For a more detailed map experience, go to the pages for North Ann Arbor Street, South Ann Arbor Street and West Henry/South Lewis Street.


Historic District Members 

  • Scott McClelland – Chair
  • Darin McLeskey -Vice Chair
  • Dawn Krause – City Council Representative
  • Alicia Barnes
  • Terri Sibo-Koenig
  • Lana Norbury
  • Nate Zientek
  • Maile Weberlein, Staff Liaison, 429-4907 ext. 2204
  • Maile Weberlein, Recording Secretary

If you're interested in joining the Historic District Commission E-mail List click here to submit your e-mail address.

Historic District Commission

Seven members/three-year terms. The Historic District Commission establishes and oversees historic districts and fosters preservation, with the intent of preserving each district's unique character. 

The HDC reviews changes to the exteriors of buildings within local historic districts.  Reviewable changes include:

  1. Exterior changes requiring a building permit.
  2. Exterior changes requiring a demolition permit, including both complete or partial demolition.
  3. Installation or removal of fences.
  4. Installation or removal of sheds, barns, garages, carriage houses, or other accessory buildings.
  5. Installation or removal of windows, window awnings, or window components (including window sashes and storm windows).
  6. Installation or removal of siding.
  7. Installation or removal of exterior doors and storm/screen doors.
  8. Installation or removal of roofing.
  9. Changes to the alignment, width, material or elevation of driveways.
  10. Landscaping proposals that result in more than a de minimis change in the contouring or elevations of a property, or that incorporate the use of paving and retaining walls. Review is not needed for the selection, placement or movement of plantings.

Meeting Dates/Deadlines

Please take notice that the City of Saline Historic District Commission meets in regular sessions the second (2nd) Thursday of each month (lest a change is made) at City Hall, Council Chambers, 100 North Harris Street, at 7:00p.m. unless notice is given changing the location and/org time. The schedule dates below are subject to change and special meetings will be called and noticed as needed.

Note: Applications for Certificates of Appropriateness must be submitted BY the filing date PRIOR TO the meeting. Incomplete applications will not be scheduled until all necessary information has been received.

Applications must be returned to: Historic District Commission, 100 North Harris Street, Saline, MI 48176. For assistance contact: Maile Weberlein (734) 429-4907 ext. 2204;






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