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Ann Arbor Street Project Moving Forward

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

North Ann Arbor Street will be the new home to orange barrels, orange traffic cones, dump trucks and other construction vehicles signaling the start of this resurfacing project. The projected time line is about 4 weeks depending upon the weather. Cadillac Asphalt will do there best to minimize the time line and disruption to the residents and businesses on North Ann Arbor.

Ann Arbor Street Construction

Ann Arbor Street Construction

City Council Goals for 2009-2010

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Sustain a Vibrant Downtown

  • Focus on establishing a more consistent effort on music activities
    Downtown Music series (8 events scheduled beginning June 2009 thru August 2009).
  • Increase non-motorized traffic including pedestrian and biking
    Non-Motorized Pathway Master Plan will be completed September 2009; Proposed Willis Road project has a bike path included in the current design. (July 17, 2009 Walkability Audit performed by Dan Burden – sponsored by the Michigan Department of Transportation / Monthly community bike rides began this summer with the help of PUPS and Programs to Educate All Cyclists)
  • Establish a new winter event
    Work with Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Merchants Association to establish a winter festival (budget reduction may prohibit this project).
  • Attain a net increase of two businesses while retaining current business diversity
    BDA administrative team is working on new businesses recruitment. (City staff is working on a Michigan Economic Development Corporation Signature Building Grant Project for the former Kelly’s properties / Also working on attracting a music store in downtown Saline).
  • Develop options for financing & construction of the community open-air pavilion
    BDA administrative team is working on proposed design and possible funding of proposed community open-air pavilion (budget reduction may not allow this project in FY2010).

Maintain Financial Stability

  • Maintain tax rate and reduce municipal debt burden
    City Council has directed staff to maintain the current tax rate. City Council also directed City staff to close out MERS direct benefit units for Teamsters and Police Officers Labor Council (for new hires after July 1, 2008) as a direct result of 2008 labor negotiations as a means of reducing debt.
  • Increase tax base from industrial/commercial properties by growing existing and attracting new industrial/commercial businesses
    ACH not shutting down; Working with Ann Arbor SPARK, Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Merchants Association to retain existing and recruit new industrial/commercial businesses.
  • Maximize grant opportunities
    Staff to continue to research and evaluate various grant opportunities in order to apply for appropriate grants. Staff also working on possible pilot program of new grant searching service with Pittsfield Twp based GDI InfoTech.

Build Community Spirit

  • Improve volunteerism and community involvement
    Parks Commission has started up the Volunteer Corp. Utilize City website for volunteering opportunities. Staff ideas: send volunteer flyer with water bills, article in FYI Newsletter, set-up volunteer booths at events.
  • Recognize and value volunteerism
    Party at the Rec Center in October/November

Committee: Paul Bunten, Mickie Jo Bennett, Art Trapp, Carla Scruggs, Catherine Scull, Brian Marl and Todd Campbell

Improve Communication

  • Develop promotional video
    Work with Saline Area Schools to develop promotional video and/or pod casts. (FY2010 budget may not allow the contracting for a professional video). Staff working with CGI Communications to produce six one to two minute video clips to be posted on the City’s governmental website at no cost to the City.
  • Utilize websites as a primary marketing tool
    Utilize new City marketing website (Phire Branding) and new traditional City website (Design Hub).
  • Ensure positive media releases through proactive staff measures
    Media releases and the e-newsletter
  • Maintain lobbying relationship with Michigan Municipal League and National League of Cities
    Continue working with MML and NLC
  • Provide information assistance to citizens/businesses
    Continue Customer Service Saturday, Welcome Packets, FYI Newsletter, Downtown Business Outreach, working with Chamber of Commerce to have Business Support Seminars and others.

Be a Green City

  • Ensure that Saline is a model for environmental efforts
    Energy audit in process (recommendations to be determined), staff conducting paper audit and printer audit. Purchase of environmental vehicle (smart car) on hold due to FY2010 budget constraints. Staff working on possible Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) project(s). EECBG rules to be issued early August 2009 and applications due late August 2009.
  • Empower the Environmental Commission
    Environmental Commission’s budget increased. Utilize information from NLC Green Cities Conference in Portland (City Council member Ping and Assistant City Engineer Fordice to present information from NLC conference at September 2009 City Council meeting). Major greening activities may be limited due to FY2010 budget constraints.

Enhance the Quality of Life

  • Pursue efforts on creating a healthy community
    PUPS and CQC activities and projects. Employee Wellness Committee (limited efforts due to FY2010 budget constraints)
  • Establish a long-term non-motorized path master plan
    The plan is scheduled to be completed September 2009
  • Develop and support the Culture & Arts Committee
    The Culture & Arts Committee has been established and provided with limited budget resources.
  • Identify specific park improvement projects
    City staff to include in five year capital improvement program budget.

Upgrade Infrastructure

  • Evaluate and adhere to Capital Improvement Program Plan
    City staff to re-establish and update CIP. FY2010 budget constraints will limit projects being completed.
  • Add paths/trail to existing Capital Improvement Plan
    Staff to incorporate new non-motorized pathway plan into CIP. FY2010 budget constraints will limit how quickly projects are implemented and completed.
  • Focus on City of Saline/Saline Township Urban Development Area
    Continue to work on the Urban Development Area (UDA) with Saline Township.

Intensify Economic Development Opportunities

  • Pursue and enhance relationship with Toyota
    City to move forward in a limited capacity (as budget constraints allow)
  • Work with Chamber leadership to enhance Chamber and City relationship
    City to continue to work with Saline Area Chamber of Commerce to help promote the Saline community. Also continue to work together on business retention and attraction efforts for Saline.
  • To recruit new German-owned industry to establish new businesses in Saline
    Continue to work with LDFA’s German sub-committee, Ann Arbor Spark and Michigan Economic Development Corporation. Any proactive items may be limited due to FY2010 budget constraints.
  • Provide support for overall business community
    Continue to provide resources to help promote commercial/industrial business sectors within Saline. FY2010 budget constraints may limit activities.

Review Potential Components of 21st Century Communities

  • Review Central Assets:
  • Ø Cultural Economic Development
  • Ø Entrepreneurship
  • Ø Green Initiative
  • Ø Multi-Culturalism & Diversity
  • Ø Physical Design & Walkable Urbanism
  • Ø Technology & Social Networking
  • Ø Transit